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Ben Halpern, Ph.D.
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Math, Physics, and Computer Science Tutor, Retired UCLA, UC Berkeley, Indiana University Professor

Ben Halpern is a retired mathematics professor (UCLA, UC Berkeley, Indiana University).

Ben is extremely well qualified, patient, and positive in helping students learn mathematics and physics for college (and high school) courses and exams. One-on-one tutoring can make all the difference in your success.

Ben can see where you are hitting a snag in your understanding of the material and help you overcome the difficulty in order to progress.

Perfect Tutor for Students Charting Their Own Studies

Are you an adult student independently studying mathematics, physics, or computer science to further your professional development and/or personal interest? Ben has helped several students like you in reaching their own particular goals in understanding mathematics, computer science, and physics, to their great satisfaction.

Software Engineer/Scientist - Multivariate Analysis, Algorithm Development, Computer Graphics, and Machine Learning

After leaving his position as a full professor at Indiana University to return to his home state of California, Ben worked for years as a Software Engineer/Scientist at Apple, AutoDesk, and various biotech companies - on computer graphics, CAD, macro molecule 3D modeling, biotechnology algorithm development and machine learning, and software innovation for multivariate analysis.

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Ben has tutored and taught since he was a freshman in high school. He enjoys teaching and has put a lot of thought into how we learn. Let Ben Halpern, Ph.D., help you learn and thrive in your studies of mathematics, physics, and computer science.

Rate: $50/hour.

Ben Halpern, Ph.D.
Call: 408-930-9046