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What’s Happening in High School Mathematics in Santa Cruz?

Old Santa Cruz High School - built 1897; burned down 1913.

Old Santa Cruz High School
For many years U.S. high schools had a standard order for teaching mathematics - Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus (alternatively, Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry).

In more recent years this ordered presentation has come to be called the traditional program and another pattern of presentation with components of algebra and geometry mixed together over the first three years is called the integrated plan.

Santa Cruz High School also has an intensive, accelerated, integrated mathematics program, the Santa Cruz Mathematics Academy. After two years of the Math Academy the successful students are prepared to take Advanced Placement BC Calculus in their junior year. In their senior year they make take AP Statistics, or math courses at UCSC or Cabrillo College.

Santa Cruz High School

Present day Santa Cruz High School - opened in 1915. The present building is over 100 years old!

The Mathematics Academy at Santa Cruz High School

The Mathematics Academy offered at Santa Cruz High School is an integrated, accelerated math program for motivated students. The rigorous two-year program covers curriculum from Algebra 1 through Statistics. Students completing the program will be prepared for AP Calculus, AP Statistics and dual-enrollment in college courses. The program is group-based; students learn mathematics in the context of solving problems. This challenging program also rewards students with improved skills in communication, time management, and develops the confidence to tackle complex problems.” (Santa Cruz City Schools website.)

The Math Academy curriculum is designed so that the students learn the mathematics in the context of solving problems. The students are often presented with a problem to be solved and then learn the mathematical concepts that are needed to answer the question. These topics might involve four or five different ideas. This is the opposite of the way most traditional classes are run where students learn mathematical topics step by step and then sometimes are presented with problems where they can apply these topics.” (Santa Cruz High School website.)


Help Your Student Thrive in High School Math and Science

We read over and over again that the best employment opportunities call for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) knowledge. And too often students dismiss themselves from pursuing these careers because of a feeling that they are “not good” or “not good enough” in math and science courses. This feelings can be caused by falling behind in just one course, and never really catching up.

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