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Ben Halpern, Ph.D. Gets Great Reviews

Ben Halpern, Ph.D., gets great reviews for his tutoring from a range of students, from high-schoolers to self-directed adult learners.

Joe V. of San Jose, CA gives Ben Halpern FIVE STARS and says on Yelp, 3/13/2018 . . .

“Listen up physics, chemistry, math . . . and engineering students (B.S, M.S., Ph.D.), this guy can explain all the hard math you need to know!!!!”

“Prof. Ben Halpern’s background in pure mathematics stands out and enables him to explain the math we encounter from elementary school to graduate school.

“During the tutoring sessions he is patient and courteous with me. He listens to me and tries to understand my problem. He frequently asks me questions, and has me work out problems.

“He explains ideas and concepts clearly - including, if asked, the math proofs, theorems, and axioms.”

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Annie T., of San Jose, CA gives Ben Halpern FIVE STARS and says on Yelp, 3/29/2018 . . .

“I needed to master some math skills in order to advance my career so I tutored with Ben Halpern. Math has never been my strong suit and I am not a very enthusiastic student, but Ben was patient and able to start the lessons at my level.”

“While other tutors simply walked me through the material, Ben taught me how to think about math concepts and principles, which gave me a fresh perspective. For someone like me, that's saying a lot!! Highly recommended and very affordable.”


El L., of Cumberland South, Sunnyvale, CA gives Ben Halpern FIVE STARS and says on Yelp, 3/29/2018 . . .

“My granddaughter moved to California from another state, and she was a year behind in math. After being tutored by Ben several times, she said the math started to make sense to her. With Ben's tutoring, she ended up completing two years of math during one school year, and she received great grades. Ben made the math easier for her to understand, and he was very patient.”

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Ben Halpern, Ph.D.
Call: 408-930-9046